Spiral wellness leadership coaching

At Leaders Thrive we are passionate about developing thriving individuals, organizations and communities. Decades of experience and research on thriving has shown us why investing in thriving improves performance and achieves breakthrough results by creating healthy, engaged and high performing people. We believe that to build sustainable organizations and communities requires developing sustainable individuals. To meet this goal we specialize in the areas of leadership, career navigation, wellness, diversity & inclusion and coaching.

Come explore how our customized facilitation, workshops, programs, keynotes and coaching, can meet your specific needs, learning objectives and outcomes. Let's set you on the road to Thriving!

Thriving Individuals Demonstrate:
  • 16% better overall performance,
  • 125% less burnout,
  • 46% greater satisfaction with their jobs,
  • 32% more commitment to their organization
  • 74% less missed days of work due to illness
  • 17% higher rating by subordinates than leaders with lower thriving scores
    (Rotman Magazine, 2013)