Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation,
the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing
and of simple identity. The greater the diversity,
the greater the perfection.
~ Thomas Berry

Diversity and Inclusion

Why Invest in Women Leaders?

At Leaders Thrive we are passionate about partnering with organizations to create diverse and inclusive cultures. We believe that a diverse organization will out-think and out-perform a homogeneous organization. Investing in women's health and leadership is an imperative business strategy for attracting, retaining and developing top talent. Given the leadership strengths women bring plus the link between gender diversity and return on investment it is clear organizations will not be operating at their full potential until they address the barriers to women's advancement.

Retention and growth of women and women ethnic minorities requires targeted initiatives. Pulling from seminal research on women's leadership and hundreds of interviews conducted with thriving women leaders we have developed a program built on the core skills inherent to success. Our customized 6-12 month Thriving Women's Leadership Program employs our transformative learning services which include: anchor workshops, peer coaching circles and 1:1 executive coaching. These learning services can be bundled to specifically meet your learning objectives and project scope. To develop truly authentic and successful women leaders the program addresses the whole person through the lens of leadership development and career navigation, while appreciating that authentic impact requires leveraging our unique value while caring for our well-being. Our objective is to see all women thriving!

  • Corporations with large percentages of women on their executive leadership teams gain returns that are 35% higher than those with few women in positions of leadership.
  • 60% of CEO's view the advancement of women as critical, yet they lack the understanding of work-related challenges that women face and what needs to be done to develop women.
    (Catalyst, 2004)